Team-building through field-games played in high-traffic landmarks... inconspicuously


Secret (walking) capture-the-flag means strength and speed don't win. Players must rely on teamwork and strategy. The quietest shine brightest. 14 to 30 players split into two teams and compete in covert games while the public has no clue a game is happening all around them. This experience forces the most competitive players to set aside an individual win for the good of the team.



Selected as one of the top experiences in NYC by Airbnb Experiences



A few past clients & what they had to say:


"We loved Inconspicuous Games! It was amazing how much the game got our adrenaline going! We learned a lot about teamwork and strategy. It's awesome how an overcrowded NYC landmark can transform into a perfect capture the flag field, full of great hiding spots and hidden paths. The folks from Inconspicuous Games were energetic and super motivating. You really have to be creative and work as a team to win - would definitely recommend for corporate trips! I would do it again with friends too!"


“Most amount of anxiety-producing fun I've had in a long time. [Our team’s] comments ranged from ‘Super fun’ to ‘I've never sweated so much in NYC in my life’.”


"The team loved it. At first the thought of playing capture the flag in a public place sounded childish, but the team absolutely loved it and got really into it. It was a great way for people from different teams to come together, work together, and get to know each other better!


"Super fun! You never know who on your team has got the secret competitive kick!"


"Inconspicuous Games was a fun, exhilarating team building exercise for our summer interns. The game runners were great and the entire day was a success. Thank you, Molly and team!"


"Inconspicuous Games has created a truly engaging and unique experience. The perfect way to connect and play in a way that's quintessentially New York! It was great to see a different side of our coworkers, quiet folks turned out to be master strategists and more extroverted teammates blended into the woodwork and got sneaky."


“Our group had a lot of fun playing! We weren't quite sure what to expect but everyone got really into the game and wanted to keep playing.”


"Molly created an amazing experience for our team to connect through - we had a great time strategizing and working with each other! Not to mention, it brought out everyone's playful and competitive side!"


"One of the highlights of our three weeks. Our participants described it is a key team-building exercise during a stressful section of our larger program."


"Inconspicuous Games was an incredible secret team building activity for all groups! It's a must play!"


"Our team had a fantastic time playing Inconspicuous Games! Our entire team had smiles on their faces the whole time. We were able to organize and strategize in a way that was completely separate from any individual's role in the office. It's going to be hard to top this for our next company outing! I would highly recommend for any team or company looking for a great group activity! People kept seeking me out at the dinner afterwards once they heard that playing was my idea to tell me how much fun they had. We also have some quiet people at the company who don't necessarily love competition as much as some others and they specifically said that they liked how it was a bit of a change."


"Incredible time! Molly and staff were super engaged. This is the ultimate team building game."


"At first a lot of our people didn't think they would have fun, but were captivated by the game as soon as we started! One positive surprise was how easy it was to strategize with people I've never worked with before."


"Inconspicuous Games was so much fun! It was a a great team building exercise for our office."


“The team really enjoyed it- they said it was exciting, and they felt like kids again. Loved how challenging and daring it felt to play a secret game in public!”