Field games played in high-traffic landmarks... inconspicuously.


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Inconspicuous Games
The ultimate team-building experience


20 players split into two teams to compete in field games like capture-the-flag or hide & seek. Games are in high-traffic landmarks (e.g. Grand Central Station, Staten Island Ferry, or Metropolitan Museum) and only the players know the game is being played. The players are identify simply by a small colored jewel placed next to their eye. This experience forces the most competitive players to set aside an individual win for the good of the team.

Participants are encouraged to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. Be ready to engage in active game play. 


A few past clients...

Inconspicuous games is the quirkiest, funnest thing you didn’t know you were missing. Ever short for ideas on the weekend, and just plain tired of brunches and bars but not quite feeling ‘old’ enough for museums? Play capture the flag in public, because why the hell not? I’m just mad because I’m forever in search of my inner child and hadn’t ever thought of this. It’s brilliant.
— Maher, participant
Inconspicuous games is a heart pounding glimmer of play that brings life to the extraordinary structures we pass through every day with a blind eye.
— Dean, participant
Teaming up with people I had never met to develop a strategy for the games was such a refreshing way to meet new friends and engage in unique conversation.
— Berit, participant
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